Special Considerations

Contact your surgeon or RiverPointe immediately if:

  • You experience any change in your health before surgery, such as elevations in temperature, a rash, a cold, cough or signs of infection.
  • You have recently been exposed to a communicable disease (i.e. measles, chicken pox,TB, etc ...). Please contact your surgeon even if you don't yet have symptoms.
  • You develop open sores or cuts.
  • You are a woman of child-bearing age and suspect you maybe pregnant, as anesthesia and medications can be harmful to a developing fetus.
  • If it becomes medically necessary, RPSC may transfer you to another facility for continuation of care.
  • If you have established advanced directives and wish these documents to be included in your chart, please bring a copy with you. RPSC will not carry out those directives, but in the event you are transferred, they will be included in the transport documentation.